The Birth of the Cuban Daiquiri in Asheville

Hemingway’s Cuba Restaurant & Bar

Hemingway’s Cuba represents more than a restaurant. It’s a culmination of a lifetime goal to share an authentic Cuban restaurant experience with the people of Asheville. Havana native and Founder of Hemingway’s Cuba, Tony Fraga, grew up enjoying exquisite meals with his father at El Floridita in Havana. The restaurant was not only known to be a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, it earned the honor of serving “The Best Daiquiri in the World,” according to Hemingway himself.

Aside from being one the greatest authors of all-time, Hemingway’s legacy is one of love for adventure and Cuban culture. His admiration of Cuban cuisine made him the perfect namesake for our restaurant. In fact, Hemingway was affectionately referred to as “Papa,” which perfectly represents our Founder who proudly works with his family every day.

When Fraga took a family trip in the summer of 2016 to Cuba, it was the first time he had been back since 1960. As the memories came rushing back to the experience of a night out in Havana with his father, it became clear that the time to bring Cuba to Asheville was now. The synergy was perfect as Fraga had always wanted to bring an authentic Cuban dining experience to Asheville and the construction of the new Cambria Hotel provided the ideal outlet.

Upon arrival on the Fourth Floor Terrace at the Cambria Hotel you may think you’ve entered Havana until your eyes reach the backdrop of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. Hemingway’s Cuba offers their patrons the perfect marriage of Cuban cuisine with Asheville flair. We can’t wait to provide you with a dining experience as rich and as unique as a Hemingway story.